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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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GSX iOS Direct Self Service Account

I realize this is not a JAMF issue, but since I have not been able to get the answer from our Apple rep, I thought I would throw this out there. We established a GSX account for our school seven years ago under what was then referred to as the iOS Di...  View more

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incomplete information from GSX?

We have our jamf instance hooked in to GSX and periodically update our systems records to include their purchase information (pulled from GSX). However, the only info GSX ever seems to deliver to us is "Purchased or Leased," PO Date and Warranty Expi...  View more

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GSX API Changes - August 2018

Did anyone notice that Apple is doing some updates to the GSX API's ? I wonder if this will affect the GSX interface in the JSS ? In August 2018, Apple will release an update to GSX Web Services to add new GSX API functionality. This release will imp...  View more

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GSX Connection Issue

I followed the steps to create a CSR and have Apple sign said CSR as per this post: https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/articles/26/integrating-with-apple-s-global-service-exchange-gsx I converted the signed cert to a .p12 format, Apple confirmed our IP...  View more

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GSX Connection

I have suddenly lost the connection to gsx for Casper. When I attempt to test the connection I get this message: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset. All my certs are up to date and the connection was working as of April. Has any else gotten t...  View more

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Testing Faulty iOS Devices

Hi everyone, I just want to get some other opinions and other views of how others are managing and testing/checking for faults of previously used and/or returned iOS devices. I find it some times challenging to re-create an issues that a user was exp...  View more

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need fix erro in my gsx access

Hello,i can't make carry in repair cases in my gsx account,everytime i tried to make repair i put correct serial number with same GB ,same model ,color as replacement but i got invalid serial number so why i got that error ? where is my mistake? how ...  View more

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GSX Shows no SN's found

Upgraded to 9.93 and I tried to do a GSX update. The results were that it couldn't find any of the SN's. None were up to date, none were new. The GSX test completes, it just doesn't find anything. I spot check some and there is warranty info in the G...  View more

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Automate GSX check in???

Anyone know if it's possible to automate the GSX check in for pulling warranty and purcahase data into the JSS? I've always done it manually, and sometimes forget, and when that happens my GSX account expires and I gotta email apple and have it reins...  View more

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