History of users that signed into JSS

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Is there a history or log of users that have signed into the JSS? I want to clean out the people who never logged in or haven't in a long time.



@jwojda Yeah there sure is! JSSAccess.log, which sits on your server. The Ubuntu path for a default install is /usr/local/jss/logs/JSSAccess.log

If you're Cloud hosted, you'll probably have to reach out to Support and see if they can pull your logs - I don't see a UI element to get those Access Logs.

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There's nothing in a cloud instance GUI that lets you see that access log. You can view the change log, but that isn't the same thing.
It seems kind of strange that Jamf hasn't exposed that log in the GUI. Given that cloud instances are inherently open to the world at large, it would make a lot of sense to be able to scan those logs from time to time to see which accounts are accessing it, and also maybe see failed login attempts to take measures against rogue logins or something.