How do I disable "Sign in to download from the Apple Store"?

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I really don't want users to enter an Apple ID, and we have to click Cancel about 15 times to get rid of the message.

I've gone through Rich Trouton's steps to disable the prompt at login, but this seems to be a different setting.

I believe this is only happening on our 10.9.1 Macs.


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When is this message popping up? Aside from the "first login" prompts to set up an Apple ID, I don't believe I have seen this on our 10.9.1 systems.

Is it being triggered by something like a software update that is trying to update apps that require MAS auth?

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I haven't identified what triggers it, I'm guessing it has something to do with software update. There are no iLife or iWork apps on my test machine.

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I KNEW I wasn't alone on this island...

@luke.j.nelson To compare, I downloaded the Mavericks installer from MAS, ran it through AutoDMG and uploaded to Casper (8.73), nothing else included, stock MAS OS.

Uploaded to Casper, new config, add a few packages and scripts. No other iApps or things that were downloaded from MAS and repackaged.

To be clear in this thread- this is NOT the iCloud assistant.

Auth to proxy, and it will go away. As @dwandro92 mentions, I removed the store_helper but that did not seem to help.

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As @dpertschi advises. This seems to happen when behind an authenticated proxy which you've not yet authenticated to.

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This happens here even when you're authenticated to the proxy. I had no success in avoiding this popup yet...

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All our Mavericks users get this prompt, and they are authenticated to the proxy.


Hi Guys,

Late to the party, but did anyone resolve this issue?