How do we organize apps into folders through the JSS?

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Has anyone been able to this without using Configurator or touching each device?


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Hi. I don't do iOS management, but I don't think this is possible, meaning, its not part of the MDM spec to be able to group iOS apps into folders through any kind of configuration profile or otherwise. Not outside of using the methods you already mentioned.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong though.


You can assign apps to one of your categories you have created in the JSS. That can help sort them out.

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@mm2270 is correct. You cannot organize apps into folders using the JSS.

In configurator I believe you can backup an iOS device with apps installed and in folders then restore the backup. The apps will get sent over with configurator (since backups don't store apps) and SHOULD go into the folders you defined.

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We specifically switched from the configurator to the JSS/MDM because it was such a pain to work with.@msnowdon I believe the categories only help sort them within the JSS not on the actual device.

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It would be really nice if this was possible. Hint Hint future release

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With the release of iOS 9.3, Apple added a new Configuration Profile to customize the Home Screen Layout of apps, including organizing within folders. Casper Suite allows you to build and deploy this Home Screen Layout profile to define which apps appear on which pages, or in which folders, on your iOS devices.

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Our users are requesting the need for the feature to customize the home screen and define which apps appear on which pages, or in which folders on all our school district iOS devices running 9.3.5. We can not find this in our 9.9.3 JSS

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@jmonick I'm not sure which version of JSS this came out with but it is certainly possible in the latest release.

It's under Configuration Profile > Home Screen Layout.

You can choose whats on the docks, each page, create folders, add apps to folders.

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you can - go to configuration profiles, create a new profile, then go to home screen layout

im having trouble adding certain apps to one folder - the search doesnt find the apps i have bought..

any ideas?


of course this is possible im just having trouble with adding some of my apps..