How to migrate a mac and user to new domain

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Hi Everyone, I'm currently working on the migration of 300 AD bound macs. The scenario is the following:

-All 170 Macs are joined to old domain with network accounts and need to be migrated to the new domain without deleting their user data and making sure it has the correct permissions. -There is FileVault enabled. -I've been looking into scripts or some sort of automation that could help me un-join from the old domain, re-join to the new domain and move the user's profile with the same naming convention over to the new domain.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciate it, as I would like to publish this script on self service to do this on all the Macs that need to be migrated.

I'm no expert in JAMF, but I understand the concepts and have been using it for a while now. So detailed explanation would be greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for everyone's time on this threat, thanks in advanced.

Please feel free to have any input, anything would help.

there username is the same on the old and new domain


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Have you looked into Nomad or Jamf Connect? At this point binding is really not recommended and you are only asking for problems.

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@nelsoni Many companies require domain/mobile accounts and AD bound computers for security reasons. Apple does not widely like centralized account (or anything) management, but dont forget that Macs makeup less then 1% of corporate devices. It is not that domain binding is a bad idea or not common, it is Apple is about 20 years behind the industry norm here. Just because Apple does not like it or develop for it, does not mean it's not popular or a bad idea. We also domain bind and use mobile accounts. Apple is really under developed here and probably why Macs make up such a small market share.

@Jack.Turner This JAMF post may have some help, from what it looks like so long as the short name is not changing its just a matter of setting permissions on the "old" home directory to the "new" user account.