How to move JSS database in Windows 2008 R2 server to different drive.

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Could anyone help how to move/migrate the JSS database in Windows server 2008 R2 from default location to new drive location.


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You're going to likely be going off the reservation as far as JAMF support is concerned, but shutdown MySQL & Tomcat, move your database, change the datadir entry in your my.ini file. Bring up MySQL & Tomcat.

Obviously, try it in QA first. I'm not sure if there's anything in Tomcat that will require reconfiguration, but I don't believe so as it should rely upon MySQL for all that info.

i am not an expert, YMMV, test test test, etc etc

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When we migrated JSS from Xserve>Win2008 virtual servers, we were faced with the same problem. Best practice (as per our datacenter team) is to put applications and data on a separate drive (not the boot drive).

So where I requested a virtual server with 140 GB of space, I got a server with a (C:) drive that had 40 GB of space and really only 8 GB available, and an (E:) drive that had 100 GB of space. When I reached out to our datacenter team to get this issue addressed, I got schooled on best practices (it was an eye opener).

Since we were on a strict delivery deadline, I had to provide justification for expanding the (C:) drive to 140 GB and of course then deleting the 100 GB (E:) drive. Given that JAMF does not provide a KB or formal best practice for putting the application/database on a non-boot drive, we had what we needed for the necessary change (and I was only out one virtual six pack to the team). :)

I know JSS is a framework, and kudos to JAMF for listening to our requests for migration to Windows virtual servers. Thanks to their efforts, our porfolio now includes a viable enterprise solution that won't spook datacenter teams, and won't cut too much into the client's datacenter budget.

Happy to see this thread, it shines the light on a real need...hopefully we'll see a KB from JAMF so we can make the necessary changes (virtual beer isn't cheap). :)

@jarednichols I'm going to ask our team to test what you described, hopefully they'll have some spare cycles.