How to physically secure a Mac (à la Kensington Security Slot)

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We need to physically secure laptops if we leave them overnight in the office. That means they need to be locked in a drawer, or using a cable lock.

So I'm looking for some way to attach a cable lock to the 2016 and 2017 MacBooks Pro.

The only one I can find is called Ledge.

Does anyone have any experience with Ledge, or any other products? Any models you favor (or recommend against)?


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I have used this:

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We use the Ledge. It works fine for our purposes; removable with effort, but a deterrent nonetheless. Most importantly, it addresses the auditors' needs to have workstations physically secured without having to glue all kinds of stuff to our laptops.

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Ditto for and their products. If you are talking about touchbar machines, their solution for that model is nice and small and unobtrusive. They also make a nice case that is notched for the little space the lock takes up.

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For the new MacBook Pro's with TouchBar we use;
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Thanks to @Cornoir , @bvrooman , @RandyTanenhaus , and @txhaflaire .

I like the cosmetics of the Blade -- the fact that it's hidden from view when not in use. But I'm not a fan of gluing things to laptops.

So I'm going to go with the Ledge. It's also visible, but looks reasonably inconspicuous, and I like the optional notched case (for $5 more).