http download not working in Catalina from file share/works in Mojave and earlier


Noticed today on our Catalina computers when trying to install packages that we have set to use http on our on premise file share, the packages come back with an error that the package isn't on the server.

When we use Mojave or earlier, those same packages work.

When we switch to SMB and force SMB on those packages, they work on Catalina. Switch back to not forcing SMB and the error message from JAMF is that those files don't exist on the server.

Anyone else experiencing this?


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Its because there isn't a subject alternative name on the certificate that was created for the HTTPS share. Mojave and prior didn't care about this, but Catalina does.

See this link for more info:

I submitted a case to JAMF Support about this and they stated that their Tech Comm team was aware of the issue and something was in the works.

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Thanks @jbisgett for that explanation. I was just getting ready to open a support ticket as in testing I was having an issue with this as well.