Identifying a "primary" machine

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We give each employee a primary machine. Some have secondary one's too and we have a naming convention that we can use to quickly identify them (xxx-1xxxx = primary, where xxx=location, 1 = primary and xxxx.=first initial last name). We also have a field in extension attributes that is named Primary with a drop down choice of Yes but I don't want to use this anymore. I want to use another extension attribute field in the users and Locations tab that is called Status and has drop down choices that include primary and others such as secondary, etc. Is there a way to automatically find a set of computers that are primary and have them added to the new status field as primary?


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Honored Contributor II

You certainly can do that with the API. Create the new pop up menu EA, specifying it to appear in the User and Location section (I'm pretty sure that's an option but just going from memory so could be wrong :)

Then create a script that tests whether it's the primary device or not (either by computer name, or any other method you like).

Then have the script create an xml file with the name of the EA and relevant value, and upload it with curl to the computer record in the EA subset.