iLife 11 with Lion

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HI Folks,

I have read through most, if not all, of the posts related to packaging up iLife 11. I used Jared's new manifest and I have had no luck. Essentially, we are missing a couple of the apps, library files and a few more pieces. the question I pose is whether or not, anyone has successfully packaged ALL of the Apple components for iLife 11 so it is deployable and works.

The existing methods put apps into a folder called ROOT/Applications and other strange places. If you know of a tried and true method, I would be forever welcome to a solution.



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the root issue is an issue with Composer 8.52

I suggest asking your JAMF rep for Composer 8.51.

Otherwise, if you quit composer and reopen before building the DMG it should take care of the ROOT issue. I found it easier to just work with 8.51 than trying to remember to quit/reopen.

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I use the method Craig described in this post:

Haven't had a problem yet. Now, I did have to go through and re-create the DMG of the original install disk after Apple's "Patch Apocalypse", but I used Greg Neagle's script and instructions for fixing it:

But once i fixed the packages, I followed Craig's post to create an iLife deployment method that works.

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I found this technique that was posted a while back to be very easy, and takes about as long to complete as it does to eat a slice or pizza and a bottled water. OK, two slices...who's counting?

This is of course for packaging from DVD Apple is going all App Store on us, follow Apple's standard deployment process...simple overview here:



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Thank you all for your responses. Going back to 8.51 I was able to package up for Lion just fine. Thanks for your guidance!


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Thanks for the advice, I can confirm 8.51 works with the iLife '11 revised manifest.