Input Menu at Login window

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anyone played around with trying to enable this setting in their images? I had hoped that ```
defaults write /Library/Preferences/ showInputMenu 1
``` would do the trick, but no.
So, I did a little further investigation with FSEventer, and it looks like the OS is changing something in the /System/Library/Privateframeworks/EFI.loginframework/Versions/A/Resources/EFIResourceBuilder.bundle/Contents directory . . . but none of the text files are changing in there, so I'm stuck.
Anyone attempted this by packaging up those files? I'm beginning to think I may just ask my EMEA colleagues to set that manually post-image.


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Hi Nick,

Great minds eh? I was just playing with those earlier.

The below MCX seems to work for 10.6-10.7-10.8. But it doesn't update the tick box in Users & Groups.

It does show @ the login window though.

Display Name:   Login Window Show Input Menu        
Application Domain:       
Key Name:   showInputMenu       
Key Type:   boolean     
Key Value:  true

I stopped using Config profiles for the window as wanted this very setting.

This might help too, although i've not had the need to try this since 10.6.

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interesting- I tried the boolean -true command and saw that it hadn't checked the box is SysPrefs, so I never logged out to check the login window!
I forgot to mention that I was rushing and tested this on a machine that was FV2 encrypted. I think that's why the EFI framework was involved for me. I'll test again on a non encrypted box.