Install books to iOS devices - silent install?

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Hi all - I am attempting to install free Bookstore books to iOS devices but although they appear for the user, can't get them to actually install (download).
I have added the books in Users>eBooks and scoped to users
I have checked the checkbox in Users>VPP Assignments>eBooks and scoped to users. This shows that licences are available and assigned.
Users are signed in to iTunes/Bookstore on devices

The books appear for the user but have a cloud symbol requiring the user to tap the book to download.

What do I need to do to ensure the books download automatically for all users?

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In Users -> eBooks, Is the Distribution Method = Install Automatically?

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So - after a bit more experimenting - books silently download to some devices but not others, where they appear with the cloud. There is no difference between the state of each iPad. Annoyingly inconsistent or some other factor I am not considering?

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@cdenesha Indeed it is!


Did you check that the devices that won't install the book have enough local storage space? I've had that issue in the past (as one of our iBooks is a large textbook), and the install failed without an obvious alert.

I'd also check for and clear any failed or pending management commands. While I'm generally a fan of JAMF Pro and find it pretty reliable, I sometimes have issues where apps or books won't install until after I go through a standard set of steps that include restarting the iPad, clearing "stuck" or failed commands, then reissuing an inventory to get JAMF to try again. Sometimes I feel like I should be waiving a lucky rabbit's foot as I'm not always clear when was causing it to be stuck to begin with, but it almost always gets resolved after this (and some hand waving for good measure). (I suspect the issue sometimes just lies with Apple not always passing management commands through their servers perfectly.)

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Are your users using Managed Apple ID or personal Apple ID? If personal, have they accepted the VPP invitation from your org? If managed, have you selected the option to "Automatically register with VPP if users have Managed Apple IDs?"

From the Jamf Pro admin guide: Apple's Volume Purchasing User Registration

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All iBooks (from VPP) are required to be assigned, so an invitation needs to be sent out first, accepted by the user. So a User also needs to be assigned to the iPad. After the user accepts the invitation (and all the agreements that display afterward), then the user can "Download" (not GET) books scoped to the device, either via Self Service or Silently.

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Thanks for the response - appreciated. Agreed on all points. The question is really 'can the books be pushed silently so they actually download to devices automatically without the user (assuming they have accepted the invite and agreements etc) having to tap 'download'?' In the same way as apps (users don't need to go the App Store or Self Service to download the apps if the appropriate options are selected in Jamf. If so, what is the option(s) in Jamf that makes this happen?

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Short answer is no. Books must be downloaded from the library in the Books app.

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Fair enough. Good to get clarity on that aspect - thanks.