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Greetings :)

Brand new Jamf user here. I've been using monolithic imaging techniques for 15 years and have completed my Jamf 200 level training earlier this summer. This will be my first go at MDM. Excited by it!

I have a question I'm hoping someone can shed some light on. I manage 4 computer labs at a university with about 20-25 computers each. I need to install large dmg's (ie Adobe CC... 19gb) onto each of these computers. Is there an advantage to caching them on the client machines before installing them? Is this easier on the network? Or is the same network load just with the actual installation taking place at a defined later date (in the example of a cached and installing cached) option? Although I'm finding some useful info regarding this installation option, I'm not finding exactly why it's useful. Thanks!


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@demuthp Are you just pushing these large apps, or is it something the user will install via Self Service? Caching is useful in the latter case so the user won't have to wait for the download (you'd use a Smart Group to report on Macs that have the package cached to enable the install Policy in Self Service). If you're just pushing the install then IMO caching isn't really necessary.

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@sdagley Yup, just pushing them out. I can definitely see how caching would be useful in Self Service. Thanks so much!

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It goes without saying, but if you're pulling large files you really should have http downloading enabled for your distribution points... it gets you the advantage of resumable downloads should something interrupt your Xcode or Adobe CS cache!

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If 19GB for that few computers breaks the network there is a bigger problem. That said, I found a "All you can eat" package of all the Creative Cloud apps for the student labs here really had a hard time. As we will also be moving to Jamf Cloud which has a limit on the package size (nowhere near 19GB) I opted to just make packages for each product.