iOS 11 Quick Start breaks DEP enrollment?

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When users use Quick start on a brand-new DEP enabled iPad to restore an iCloud backup from an old device, they are faced with the message: "The configuration for your iPad can not be downloaded. The configuration is not available."

If they go through the process like it's always been done without Quick Start, everything works swimmingly. Has anyone else run into this?


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I have had two people that have selected "Quick Start" instead of "Set Up Manually" and their phones did not set up correctly in JAMF. Both times the iphones were set up but as UNSUPERVISED and UNMANAGED.

I need to prevent this from happening in the future - I Drop Ship the phones to the end users - I do not touch them at all. Is there a solution?

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Afraid not, it seems that iOS devices needs a first boot and then a erase all. After that the prestage settings will apply. I could not figure out a no touch deployment on our last shipment. But I would be happy to be contradicted!


I've seen it happening since iOS 13 was released. I don't know if it's related.

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Any update to all this? we should be able to just disable quickstart in a pre-stage enrollment.