iOS DEP Enrollment: "Unable to Download Profile Configuration" error

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We have this bug for over a week, Jamf Support couldn't solve it yet.

We could enroll around 40 iPads without any problems, but suddenly, this error "Unable to Download Profile Configuration" pops up after continuing the DEP Enrollment process on every iPad. We tried our school wifi and multiple mobile hotspots.

We tried renewing the DEP token, ASM connection, unassigned the devices from MDM and reassigned them in Apple School Manager, but no luck yet.

See the attached screenshot:


It says: "An internet connection is required to download the configuration for this profile. To continue, you can try again or choose a Wi-Fi network. Options: Try Again or Choose Wi-Fi Network

Using the latest Jamf (hosted) 10.47.0.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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What happens when you wipe one of those devices in Apple Configurator, and try to again from scratch?

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we have this and it started around August for macOS enrollments.  Support hasn't been able to find anything. Checking with our security team, they're seeing the HTTP requests being sent with "//" instead of "/", thus causing this to be blocked due to HTTP RFC standards.  We're updating our ticket now.