iOS WiFi Profiles Corrupting

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I was wondering if anyone else out there has had issues with random iOS devices prompting for a password when trying to connect to a WiFi network that is configured with a profile?

We are having this issue randomly and our only fix at this point has been to make a group to put the device in that removes that configuration profile, connect to an open network after it has been removed from the device and from that group, then let it reload. It seems to fix it but I can't figure out why it is prompting for a key in the first place.

Anyone else noticed any strange issues like this?


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I just saw this problem this week while updating a group of iPads. We've had issues with the same Wifi Profile used in OS X.

I saw this on was 8.1.3, fresh OTA enrollment and then no wifi. I see in the MDM Profile a Wifi description, but it's describing it incorrectly. It used to give the actual profile name. So still digging into that. No there are no duplicates in our system. You either get this profile or don't and you log in with your credentials.

The profile was created with Configurator 1.5 if I remember. I have not had the chance to re-create in newer version of Configurator or other tool. We're still on 9.61.

I do have a ticket open for our OS X wifi issue. They might be connected.

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Ive had issues with Wifi profiles set up in Configurator. In particular WPA2 Enterprise connections were the profile changes to WPA standard without warning. Ive also found that when setting the profile "expiry" which auto removes the profile after a set time the time that the time gets removed. The profile therefore corrupts and either wont upload to the device or wont connect. Repeated attempts to repair the existing profile fail and the only solution is to restart Configurator and delete/recreate the profile.
This issue has existed since v8 and is fairly rare occurring after imaging 50 or so devices.

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Same here... our profiles would drop off.. Wasn't sure if it was a configurator thing, iOS 8 Thing or our new Aruba Network.

I just built a new wifi profile and pushed that out. It seems to have solved the issue.. Also, there is a setting for iOS 8 wifi profiles... "WPA Personal (I OS 8 or later except Apple TV) We have had good luck with this one.

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I have a similar issue. A configuration profile with a WiFi payload is scoped and iOS clients receive the profile. Unfortunately, nodes do not join the target WiFi network automatically. Rather, users are prompted by iOS for a password. Entering the password included in the WiFi payload by hand allows the device to join the target WiFi network. I have this issue with iOS 7 and 8 devices. My WiFi environment is comprised of Xirrus XN4 and XN8 arrays as well as XR-520 and XR-630 access points (all running current AOS versions). The JSS is running 9.73.

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Have the same issue here, using Aerohive and WPA2 Enterprise.

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same issues here. profiles created with casper 9.72 identifi controller.

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Is anyone still experiencing this issue? We seem to be having random drops of the wireless connection. Looks like a Casper Profile corruption. The iPad's used to just lose the wifi key but now they loop between trying to connect and disconnect. Couldn't find a more updated post in my search so I just wanted to revive this old one.


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I am voting this up as well. We are seeing an increase number of iPads with this issue lately. Some iPads would loop between trying to connect and disconnect from the wifi pushed out by profile. Some would simply just not connect. We do not broadcast our SSID in our environment. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.



Just want to add my voice to this discussion. Is the last few weeks I have been getting reports of iPads dropping off of the wifi that is set via configuration profile. I have a separate profile that I made available in Self Service so that our building helpdesk folks could try to reconnect it that way, but I'm not 100% sure if that fixed the main problem.

What I did just now (since I had another report this morning) was change my Self Service profile to have the updated iOS 8 or later security setting to see if that helps with the issue. Last time I changed the wifi profile and pushed it to all the devices didn't go well, so I'm erring on the side of caution with this one.

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I have experienced this only once. It seemed the iPad stopped checking in with our server and we had to backup the iPad, put the backup on another iPad, back the new iPad up, and then restore the new backup on the old iPad. Some how the MDM Profile got corrupt and because the profile is locked on the device it required these extra steps.

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I agree with @AdamBritt, have a backup plan in Self Service.