Issue in Installer Certificate for User-Initiated Enrollment QuickAdd Package

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I am working on adding the Mac Developer Installer certificate to JSS User Initiated Enrollment QuickAdd package.

I have created the "Developer ID Installer" Certificate through Xcode following the apple article:-

We added the developer certificate(.p12) in User Initiated enrollment settings in JSS but when I download the package through enrollment page in fresh new macOS (10.11 & 10.12) still the package is blocked by GateKeeper as unidentified developer or some time shows as package is corrupted or damaged..

If I check the package with pkgutil --check-signature /path/to/package, it shows the package is signed by a developer certificate issued by Apple and other three certificate chain(3rd Party Mac Developer Installer, Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority and Apple Root CA).

I am also able to use the certificate with Composer to sign the packages and the composer package is not blocked by gatekeeper.

Am I missing something or Is there any steps to be followed to sign the User Initiated QuickAdd package?

JSS Version:- 9.96 running in RHEL 7.

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I have a similar issue. When I first open the quickadd package it gives me gatekeeper warning, but then I click cancel and it opens the installer. Then I can quite and open the installer with no issues. Check and signatures are there.