Jamf + Apple's Universal Control

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Hi there,

My company is using JAMF to have control over the Macbook I work. Recently, I did bough a Ipad which I did connected with the company managed icloud, only to use a few application I don't want to use in the work laptop(such as personal e-mail).

I am trying to use Universal control for use the same keyboard(magic keyboard) and magic trackpad only by "trespassing the mac screen barrier". I did changed all UI controls in apple's guide to make it work, but it doesn't, I can use the ipad as a extension monitor but I would like to use the Unviersal control.

I imagine it is due to any restriction in Airdrop(since I try to send file to macbook through airdrop but it doesn't appear in the other device, even the control saying I can receive files from enyone) , to avoid leak of files between devices, my question is: Is there any way the security team can configure the profiles to allow airdrop only for keyboard/trackpad but not allowing file  transference?

Thank you in advance!!


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requires personal iCloud account. probably blocked. ask your IT dept? 

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Universal Control does not function with managed AppleID's. If you are using a personal AppleID, it would need to be the primary AppleID on both devices. I would suggest going to your IT department. 


Additional requirements

Universal Control: Use a single keyboard and mouse between Mac and iPad - Apple Support


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Hi guys, thanks to your answers!!

Oh I see, in that case, even I am using the same icloud account in both devices it will not work since in macbook a managed account is being used? :(

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Plus, does anyone know a software like "barrier" which can replace this fature considering I use a managed profile?