Jamf Cloud GUI vs API setup bug

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Background: From what I can tell Jamf Cloud has two JSS web apps behind a load balancer. This is where the issue I'm about to describe lies. I'll spare you all the story of how my org has been through two different Jamf Cloud instances, and three terminations and reactivations of those instances.

I've encountered this a few times now with Jamf Cloud where a new instance is created, the setup assistant completed, the GUI works fine but API calls fail hard.

What I'm actually doing is I've a pre built JSS config stored as .xml files. I'm using my JSS Config in a Box project to migrate from a known good server to those .xml files then to upload to a blank JSS server. Instead what you actually get is this error:

Processing ID list for sites

-:1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found

Now that's clearly an error that one of the JSS web apps hasn't exited the Setup Assistant. I would like to point out in sheer exasperation that this is all too common an occurrence. I have now dealt with this four times: three for the various production instances above and again just now for the cloud beta I've signed up for.

I've heard this described as "rare". Four out of four times I've had to go to Jamf Support and escalate to the cloud team to resolve this. It's not looking so rare to me anymore!

Standard cloud, beta cloud ... it's all the same. Please Jamf, I think you need someone to have a look at this.


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Thanks for this.  I thought I was going crazy.

First call to the API worked.  Then it gave ~6 x 503s.  Then a 200, then more 503s....never consistent.

Calling support now.