JAMF Cloud Updates

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Hopefully I'm not duplicating any existing threads but I am looking at implementing JAMF Cloud at the org I am working with and we are just trying to assess the impact of a JSS update to our end points. i.e would a monthly point release to the JSS in turn update the binary on those clients. The reason for asking is that this might be an issue during a change freeze and so we're assessing whether or not we need Premium Cloud vs Standard.

Any experience of this would be greatly appreciated, Cheers.


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As I understand it, a Jamf Pro cloud upgrade will cause your Mac clients to pull down new versions of the jamf binary, at the very least. It may also upgrade Self Service, if it's been updated. I don't recall now if Self Service always gets revved just because of the new version # or if it stays as is unless there is really an update to the app.

At one time there was a way to set a preference setting to prevent the jamf binary from upgrading itself, but it was only intended as a backward compatibility setting for older Mac clients that couldn't use the new jamf binary after a server upgrade. If you use the setting now, those clients will stop running any policies if the binary doesn't match with the Jamf Pro server version. So obviously it's not recommended.

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This is exactly what i was looking for, thank you @mm2270 i appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me. I think the Premium Cloud is the only to be sure of preventing any unwanted updates.

Now off to go and find another 20k ......


Thread resurrection!

What exactly is not available to Mac/iPxx/TV while the server is getting upgraded? We're JAMF Cloud non-premium, our change board have made some (meta)changes to how they work and want to put anything that may impact users in the change calendar so I need to let them know what the user impact of a Jamf cloud server update is:

  • Is it all Self-Service items or some subset?
  • Downloads (.pkg/.dmg) from Cloud?
  • Downloads (.pkg/.dmg) from local Repo?
  • Scripts?
  • In-House Apps
  • Custom Apps
  • App Store/VPP Apps?
  • Policies?
  • Config Profiles?
  • New DEP/Automated Deployments?

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@Initialised Basically anything that would require communication with the Jamf Pro instance would not be available while the instance is being updated