Jamf Now Very few settings for Mac devices

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I created an account and added an Apple Macbook to Jamf. What I noticed is that under the "restrictions" heading, there are few settings for Mac devices. For example, I don't see an option to turn off the App store? In addition, Jamf indicates that the restrictions are not applied; how do I turn them on? I can't find that anywhere.


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@worldy You may receive more responses if you post in the Jamf Now forum.


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JAMF now is more of a basic tool for people with more basic needs. From my limited experiences it appears to be more targeted at mobile devices than Macs. Also costing $4 per device vs $7.17 per macOS device (why can that not be a round number) I would expect there to be some limitations where it comes to macOS as its nearly half the price as JAMF Pro.