Jamf Pro 10.37.1 Now Available


Hello Jamf Nation,

Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.37.1 to resolve the following product issues:

  • [PI109954] Policies fail to open when viewed from a site.


To learn more about this release please read the Jamf Pro 10.37.1 release notes here.


Cloud Upgrade Schedule
There are no impacts to the existing cloud upgrade schedule. Your Jamf Pro server, including any free sandbox environments, will be updated to Jamf Pro 10.37.1 based on your hosted data region here.

Need assistance identifying the Hosted Data Region of your Jamf Cloud instance? Check out this guide to find out how.


Next Steps

For real-time messages about your upgrade, subscribe to alerts.

For information on what's new in Jamf Pro 10.37.1, please review the release notes.



Is there a community recommended / stable version? I would like to have something similar to Cisco's model with the "gold star" version.


Is there no version for Mac?  I only see Linux and Windows for 10.37.x. Last Mac download was 10.36.1.  Did I miss an announcement or something?

@bmcdade from what I saw the Mac version download was removed with 10.37.0. If you downloaded it on a Mac to use things like Jamf Admin or Composer that is available as a separate download called Jamf Pro Apps located on your Jamf account per New Features and Enhancements - Jamf Pro Release Notes | Jamf

Ahh.. so that's what those are, they are packaged differently now then.  I was looking for the new composer.  Thanks for the info.