Jamf Pro 10 slow to load policies, device management tab

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Has anyone recently updated their JSS to Jamf Pro and find that loading policies and management tabs takes forever???


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Yes we are seeing slowness when going to the management tabs for IOS devices,

Also static mobile device groups are slow to open and to make changes to.

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Same here. I'll take the old interface just for the speed back

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Yes, seeing similar things. Login and many pages take multiple seconds to load.

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Are those of you experiencing this slowness all cloud based? or self hosted?

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We also saw an immediate slow down while loading pages. I logged into our jss server and saw the apache web-server utilizing 99% of the processor. Contacted JAMF and with their guidance we allocated 8GB of RAM to apache using the JSSDatabaseUtil.jar located in our instance: C:Program FilesJSSinJSSDatabaseUtil.jar. Clicking the utilities button and selecting "Change Tomcat Settings" and changing the settings to- Minimum Memory to 2GB
Maximum Memory to 8GB
Minimum PermGen Size 64MB
Maximum PermGen Size 512MB

After rebooting Tomcat, pages definitely loading a lot faster, though I never had to change any of these settings before.

Hope this helps.


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We are also experiencing significant latency in the JAMF Pro interface. Pages take almost twice as long to load as they did prior to v10. We did the above tweaks to the Apache Tomcat settings, and while it may have improved slightly, operations like loading the management tab for a particular device take a few seconds every time. When you are constantly in and out of device mangagement tabs all day, it is quite frustrating.

We did some side-by-side testing with our server and the interface... our JAMF VM idles at around 60% memory usage, mostly from the apache process. Not necessarily a bad thing, but worth nothing. The CPU spikes to 50-60% usage (also the Apache process) any time we load a device management tab, or as another example, a configuration profile. In the interface, we see loading wheel spinning for a few seconds simultaneously with the CPU spike.

We have JAMF running in a VMware environment with 4 vCPUs and 8GB of RAM. Is this setup comparable for others? At first glance, I'd simply say that the "new" interface just takes considerably more resources. We currently manage around 900 devices.

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what version of java are you running?

also found safari struggles more with casper than chrome does.

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Same here. Extremely slow... Generally the system became slower then version 9. Also, endless spinning wheel when loading Static device groups. Have to reload the page often.

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Additional test info - we have a secondary JAMF server running on an older Apple xServe. This server is considerably less powerful than our production JAMF VM, but never had any speed issues with v9. We just loaded a management tab for a device on that JAMF server, and it took 17 (!!) seconds to load.

I'm using Chrome as my browser, so whatever version of Java is built in Chrome 61.

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We are a cloud customer. I also found very slow loading of Device Groups via IE but much improved performance when I switched to Chrome.

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We just upgraded to v10 this morning, and generally, all actions appear to be slower than v9. Opening up the properties of a smart group is extremely slow, and sometimes a message is displayed that the web page is not responding. Anyone come across a solution? We are rolling back to v9. :(

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Since upgrading to v10 we have had significant slowdowns with the JAMF gui. It can take 60s or more to load some pages. Prior to v10 it was very responsive and quick. It sure feels like a Tomcat issue but we're having a difficult time trying to figure out how to do performance tests with Tomcat. We host JAMF on our own servers. We have 5 frontend servers in a cluster connecting to a database servers. Even on our least active time, it's still taking approx 20s to get to the management page of an ipad. We've committed to v10, so a rollback is not really an option for us. If anyone has any experience on using the performance part of the Chrome Developer tools, here's some screenshots of a 17 second management page load. Can anyone tell what part of the page is causing the slowness?


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Experiencing the same thing. We are Hosted and there are times that the management tab will not load at all or when it does some of the buttons do not function properly. Was much happy with the previous version hopefully they can get this situation under control soon.

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Just want to also add after the update it has been super slow for our organization as well. It's incredibly annoying and I would take back the old interface anytime for the increased speed.

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We are Self Hosted & Noticed an incredible increase in speed all around but especially when loading the policies pages / statistics (installed,pending,failed diagrams...etc) after updating from 9.x to 10.x. We are very happy with 10!

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We just updated to Jamf Pro 10.1.1 (from 9.101) and I noticed quite a dramatic slow down too. But my colleagues weren't experiencing the same slow down. Long story short, my MacBook Air has difficulty driving Jamf Pro website on a 4k display. Once I unplugged the display, website became a lot faster. Would be nice if there is an option for the classic theme.

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Upgraded to Jamf Pro 10.2.2 and I'm now using a MacBook Pro with 16GB of ram with a Dell 4k display over display port. JSS is still very slow. I find myself unplugging my external display to work on the JSS. :(

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We had a ticket in for this issues for months and it escalated to the top tier of their support. The ultimate result was that they are aware of issues with icon management/loading in JAMF Pro 10 and are working on a resolution.


We recently upgraded our on-prem environment from 9.101 to 10.3, we saw a decent increase in performance from the upgrade actually. All pages, including policies and management, are loading within 1-2 seconds of clicking the link.

We also have a cloud environment on 10.0, speed seems to be around the same as it was when it was on 9.101, possibly a slight increase if anything.

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We are also experiencing excruciating load times since upgrading to 10+. It's unbearable, I can barely use the interface anymore. Jamf NEEDS to fix this, it's ridiculous.

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I have noticed the slowness myself. 10.3.1 does not seem to have fixed it. I get a lot of very slow or jerky scrolling in the Jamf Pro web interface. If I ssh into the server and reboot Tomcat, the issue goes away, but I don't care to do that daily. I just need for it to work. And Composer is STILL BROKEN! We were promised a fix in 10.3.

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Just to add the dreaded 'me too' this thread, I am experiencing the same issues with Policy tab and others. I am on-prem and at 10.5. Tomcat is much better about memory management going from 10.4.x to 10.5 but the web GUI is still pokey. I am told by support that we should be seeing a noticeable increase in performance in 10.6 and even more in 10.7. 10.6 is supposed to drop, "real soon now."


I actually switched my Tomcat over to use the Native connector with openssl and enabled HTTP/2 and it seems pretty slick; the policies page does take a bit to load, but the download for the page is just shy of 1MB, so I'm not terribly surprised.

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We are having the same issues on VERSION 10.7.1-t1536934276 when trying to use the Management tab on a device.

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Yep! same here, i find the pages pin the CPU of my mac. I do find that when i plug into our network the pages load faster and there is less CPU usage.

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Same here slow when editing Policies, etc... cursor lags, cannot input text, 30 plus second delays, "Wait" box comes up often

Is this related to configuration(s), server hardware, JAMF Pro 10 version bug(s), MySQL?