Jamf Pro 9.99.2 missing in "My Assets"

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Hi Everyone,

I can't see version 9.99.2 of Jamf Pro in "My Assets".
Please, Can you tell me if it is normal ?

Actually, I have 9.99.0 and we have some issues with LDAP mappings and I can see that this issue is resolved with 9.99.2 (PI-004111).

Thanks a lot


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Missing for me too.

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This is the first I've even heard of 9.99.2 being released. I wonder if Jamf is planning to send an email or post something to Jamfnation?

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We're also waiting for 9.99.2 to resolve a product issue. From my interactions with Support, it sounds like 9.99.1 might be released first and that the fixes for these product issues are scheduled for release with 9.99.2. As to when either of these releases will happen though, until Jamf comes out with an announcement, it's anyone's guess as to when it'll be released, or that's my understanding.

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I received this email a couple weeks ago... You might have to contact Jamf to request the fix.

We’ve identified an issue that could impact smart group membership for K-12 customers using Jamf Pro 9.99.0. The issue relates to workflows using Apple School Manager (ASM), LDAP syncing, and user extension attributes. I have also attached the release notes, which contains additional information about this issue. If you are currently on a version 9.98.x or earlier, we recommend you wait to upgrade until this issue is resolved in our next scheduled release. If you are using this workflow on version 9.99.0, please contact Technical Support on Jamf Nation to implement the fix once it is available. We expect that fix to be finalized shortly.

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Thank you for your answers...

No problem, I will wait next release.