JAMF Pro Install macOS, To The Point!

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JAMF Pro Install macOS, To The Point!

For anyone who may have the task to reinstall JAMF Pro on macOS (Dev server, etc), and do not want to take the way too long way to do it.....

Here is the abridged version.... and you stay in one area, not all over the place: JAMF, Oracle, Mysql......and this order helps as well...

Fresh macOS 10.14.6 or 10.15x install
Get Fully Qualified Domain Name for this box....
Manual IP address, with proper subnet mask, router IP, dns servers, and search domains
Download latest Java 11 SDK for macOS, Oracle website
Download latest Mysql installer for macOS, Oracle mysql website
Download latest JAMF Pro installer version from JAMF
JAMF Pro runs on Java, requires it, install Java 11 first
Now install Mysql 8x
Now install JAMF Pro installer
https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/articles/631/title (this will help as a reference), but it can be scattered
In terminal, jamf-pro database init and follow prompts
Thanks to the folks at JAMF for this tool (on macOS at least)....This is the best way I have found to properly create your db name, db username, and db password, and get it correct, so it does connect with no issues
Now the cool and often missed part....
Create (touch) a "my.cnf" (no quotes, mysql config file), and place it in /etc, on macOS (must be in this location)
Open the file (nano or vim),and place the contents of a sample "my.cnf" file into this file and save... you can find one here in JAMF Nation
Without the InnoDB line set to = 1, the database will not Convert to InnoDB, and get an endless loop
JAMF recommends 70 percent of available RAM for InnoDB, so 16 GB = 11.2, 12 GB = 8.4
Now an easy and consolidated way to get to Mysql and Tomcat is via the Java Server Tools, very nifty GUI...
In terminal: cd to /Library/JSS/bin
Still in terminal, java -jar server-tools-gui.jar
The Server Tools GUI will open, and since you have a "my.cnf" file already present and configured, everything will be "green", meaning connected and good to go
Without this "my.cnf" file present / configured, you can get stuck with the InnoDB "Convert", as well as other issues
In Server Tools, set Tomcat to 6000M (6GB), if you will be importing a large database, 17,000 plus Macs, 1000 plus policies, etc, this will help a lot.
In web browser, go to the JAMF URL and wa la, all set. Activation code, first user, etc.
All set!