Jamf Pro - Not all configuration profiles delivered successfully

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Hello. We are relatively new to the world of Jamf and have just finished building our first Jamf Pro server (10.9.0). The server is going to be managing a fleet of Mac (Mojave) machines.

We are currently have 11 Configuration Profiles assigned to each machine.

What we are finding, when we enrol a new machine to Jamf not all of the Configuration Profiles are being installed. For example, I've just finished enrolling one machine today and I notice that only 5 of the Configuration Profiles are present on the machine following completion of the enrolment process. The Management Commands panel is still showing a number of commands in 'pending' status which seem to relate to the installation of the remaining profiles.

I've issued a 'push' command from the Jamf Pro server to the machine in question to try and get it to download the remaining profiles but the Mac does not appear to respond. I've tested that the Jamf Pro server can communicate with the Mac by sending a 'Lock Computer' command - which was successfully received by the Mac and actioned.

So I'm at a bit of a loss to understand why those remaining Configuration Profiles are not being delivered.

Appreciate any suggestions.


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I am also seeing this behavior with a Jamf Cloud instance.

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Is the profile set on provisioning while you are sending the commands? Sometimes I also have to go in to the main MDM profile on under settings and approve it on the Macbook then the other applications get pushed threw.

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I would double check for user approved MDM. I experienced a similar issue where pending commands were building up because of UAMDM, so I created a smart group for user approved MDM and excluded that group on all configuration profiles. Setting email notifications on that group might also be helpful. Downside is you have to inventory update after clicking approve. I have update inventory set at every 30 minutes so if I forget my smart groups re-calculate then.