JAMF Pro SCCM Plugin - not showing logged on user

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We have the plugin installed on our on prem SCCM server, and it currently polls into and updates our asset DB in our ITSM tool. However, its not pulling through the logged on user information. Does anyone know how to get the logged on user in JAMF to populate this according field in SCCM?

In this example MCR-AL31928 is a mac pulled from JAMF Pro using the plugin, but missing the logged on user.



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@drhoten i see you might specialise in this stuff, would you know how i can get this data to show in SCCM. We are using v3.70 of the plugin and SCCM 2002

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Hello @J_JohnstonAT

I believe this field is mapped from the WMI class SMS_R_System and can only be sent through the Data Discovery Record (DDR) which is not currently possible without additional changes to Jamf SCCM Proxy Service.

If you find this field is from another WMI class then you'll need to check with whether it can be added to the Hardware Inventory Report (HINV) or the Data Discovery Report (DDR). The current version of our product supports customizing the HINV, but not the DDR.

In the mean time, you can send extension attributes to SCCM if the WMI class can be updated through the Hardware Inventory (HINV) report by modify the XSL file for the hardware report or you can even add custom classes as outlined in this post.