Jamf Pro with Elastic Beanstalk and RDS

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I use my blog to post "documentation" when I'm exploring new ways of setting up services.
In this case I wanted to try out the application service Elastic Beanstalk from AWS.

Hope this can inspire and don't forget to check back every now and then on the blog for new content.

[http://aulin.co/2017/Jamf/](link URL)

//Erik Aulin
[http://aulin.co](link URL)



Your link to the JAMF Blog does not have a url in the link.

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Hey @aulin

Great info! Something to watch out for with RDS is that the automatic snapshot, Point-In-Time Recovery, and Multi-AZ failover features do NOT support the MyISAM database engine, which Jamf Pro uses by default. If an RDS server with MyISAM tables goes through failover, or you try to restore from a snapshot, it can result in database corruption. The backup piece can be worked around by disabling the automatic snapshots and writing your own backup script to lock the database and start a manual snapshot, but the failover features require the database to be converted to InnoDB to work safely.

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Thanks, I needed this! Do you use any automation tools to deploy your mdm? I'm trying to puzzle out automating this with jenkins and could use an example pipeline.