Jamf Training Pass: Retake Question

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If you buy Jamf Training pass, 


1. Can you retake the test as many time as you want?  

2. Can you also take many courses as you want?

3.What is covered by Jamf training pass?




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@sudoErase I've had both the Personal and Organizational training passes. There is no listed limit on the number of courses you can take, or re-take, but you can't be booked in different courses at the same time. With today's offerings the pass covers the 200, 300, and 400 courses.

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To add you can’t just take the test. You have to always take the course

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I may have changed over the last couple of years, but you used to be able to re take the 200 test without re-taking the class, since that was the only way to get certified. With the 300 & 400 classes, you earned points throughout the week  through various challenges, so you would need to retake the whole class to earn enough points to pass.