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Hi there! The Higher Education network at the JNUC wanted to keep talking. As promised, here's a discussion for you to collaborate. Feel free to throw out questions that you'd like to address to Higher Education Admins.


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Glad you posted this. I missed theeetup because I got distracted! What topics were discussed?

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@Chris_Hafner There's another one tomorrow: https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/jnucEvent.html?eventId=124

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I just want to enumerate the context/site issues Philip and I mentioned. As I researched 9 late last year here is the list I made:

Any Casper user limited to a Site cannot managed these items; only a JSS context admin role can:

Extension Attributes
Network Segments
Removable MAC
Self Service Plugins

I do not see a university having a couple of Casper admins managing these items for the whole campus, thus Sites became undesirable as a replacement of our multi-context configuration. We are also considering the Casper cloud service as a way to reduce the server admin we have keep doing for Casper, mysql, tomcat, Java, and host OS updates. This is further compound by our redundancy for load and disaster recovery with three clustered JSS's, two mysql, one HTTP proxy to our SMB NAS distribution point, and the DP share itself.

On the other hand I crafted a nifty PowerShell script to manage the part of updating our 16 JSS contexts. It is loosely based on https://github.com/JSSManager/jssmanager.

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I want to apologize. In yesterdays meeting I stated you are able to join WiFi networks in Yosemite BEFORE you login to the machine. After testing it later I found out I was wrong. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up.

Howard Griffith--Endpoint Systems Engineer--Eastern Washington University