JSS less stable after 8.73->9.52 upgrade

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Has anyone had stability issues with their JSS after upgrading to the 9-series? We're running our JSS on Windows 2008 and have seen the Tomcat 7 service go down *daily* ever since the upgrade. We're still troubleshooting with JAMF support but I was curious what others' experiences had been.


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Yep. Seen exactly the same behavior on our JSS, a Windows 2008 R2 server. Restarts needed to be performed up to 3 - 4 times a day and simply restarting Tomcat would fail with an error - very frustrating.

I decided to troubleshoot first before raising the issue with JAMF.

We seem to have the problem under control now after upgrading to JSS V9.6 and updating Java to V1.7.0_71

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We just had this issue as well. Our JSS would need a reboot at least once or twice each day. I worked with my account rep to modify a number of XML files that have to do with the pool size of the database. I would contact your account rep and work with them since each situation can be a tad different from what we found. Hope that helps.