Linking JumpCloud to JSS via LDAP

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Was hoping someone could clear this up for me.

Currently we are running with no Directory Service. We are looking at implementing JumpCloud and using their LDAP as a service to hook into our JSS.

What i want to know is that currently our JSS is behind a VPN and has no public facing IP address for security reasons. Is it still possible to hook this into JumpCloud or do i need to look elsewhere?


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I have several JumpCloud instances hooked up to Jamf Hosted JSSs but none have the vpn restriction. I suggest you talk with JumpCloud folks about a vpn between your JumpCloud instance and your JSS.

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You shouldn't need a VPN between your JSS and JumpCloud. All of the communication will be initiated outbound from the JSS, so as long as your JSS has outbound access to the internet, it should work just fine. Worst case scenario, you'll have to open port 636 outbound from your JSS to JumpCloud's servers.