macOS 12.7.5?? Issue during DEP enrollment.

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I was preparing a new iMac yesterday by going through Internet Recovery so it should be at 10.13.5
I had to do this even though it was new because we had used it to test the process first.
So, this morning, I turned it on to complete the DEP enrollment, and I see the screen as attached.
It specifically mentions needing to update to macOS 12.7.5 and that it is required.
I've never seen this before. My thoughts go to iTunes 12.7.5 but I don't think that should be a required update.
The other thing is macOS 10.13.6 was released yesterday so maybe it's related to that.
Anyway, let the speculation begin.b89a5791049243e0bce3f70bbbf2cde8


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I've been having this appear on and off for the past week on a test VM running a fresh install of 10.13.5. It's not related to 10.13.6 since that just released, although I'm not sure why it only appears sometimes.