macOS Catalina 10.15.7 & 2020-005 (10.14 & 10.13) Security Updates are Live!

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Today, Apple released the following updates

macOS Catalina 10.15.7 Update - For the first time since Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Apple has released a point update past .6!

Security Update for Mojave 2020-005
Security Update for High Sierra 2020-005

Patch & Security information, Download Links, Version info + size for BridgeOS, Combo, Delta, Full Installer app included in my article below.


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Anyone else getting reports from their end-users about extreme slowness, and in some cases unusable computers after these updates? We're hearing not only from our users, but from students with personal Macs who updated overnight... one student says her screen blanks out randomly, but it didn't do it yesterday.

Computers that were just fine yesterday take up to an hour to reach the desktop now, I'm still investigating but getting too many reports not to consider that there might be something wrong with the updates.

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My work computer works fine but my home computer takes 30+ minutes to boot since I installed the 2020-005 on 10.14.6.

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Oh yes - have 90 machines in a lab setting. All the 2017 and later machines became unusable - 20 minutes to login, totally unusable when logged in. The earlier machines didn't seem to be affected (as much). In the end the only fix to get them up and running for classes on Tuesday morning was to upgrade them all to Catalina.

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Ugh. This is NOT the way. It is discouraging that so many of Apple's solutions today are just "(complete a major) upgrade to the next thing" rather than using the barest sliver of their profitability to fix bugs and issues for older versions. I understand the business reasons, but in the real world we are collectively paying the costs as a result. Fortunately I'm behind enough that we haven't put 2020-005 on anything but a test VM and one of the other Mac engineer's laptops. I suppose I should put next up on my to do list a self-service workflow to reinstall macOS Mojave build 18G103 for anyone impacted, after I update my existing Mojave Security update scripts to include a tmutil localsnapshots and inform the support desk of the process to boot into recovery mode and restore the snapshot. Without @ClassicII collecting this info I'd be in a very bad place - Thanks for that at least!

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Does anyone know of a way in Jamf (or method) to see what computers would have received this patch?

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@joethedsa Probably the Build Number of the OS would be the easiest.

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@ClassicII Many thanks for your awesome work! So, after Apple re-released 2020-005 Security + supplemental Update for Mojave... ...there's still 10.15.7 update to be "fixed" and then we should be good to go, right?

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Is anyone else's netsus server not showing these updates?

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@sdagley Nice, thanks man! Syncing working now!