macOS update & upgrade with Standard User permissions

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I would like to know a single platform for upgrading and updating macOS with standard user permissions. Does anyone use a single platform for M1/M2 & Intel Mac in their environment? 


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OS Updates can be installed by a user with a secure token, they don't need admin access. OS Upgrades require Admin Access. A MDM with a Secure Token can install both OS Updates and Upgrades. Nothing else can install OS updates for a user by Apples design.

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Note that some versions of macOS Ventura show a prompt stating it needs administrator credentials when it's actually requesting the credentials for the secure token holder

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In This case you can use "Privileges" app in User's account. This would help us to enter there login credentials for certain period of time.

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It's on my wishlist that, much like adding users to the _developer group of yore, Apple provide some group(s) - maybe _osgraders/_osupdaters to which we could add user accounts and they would then have all necessarily permissions to upgrade/update macOS but not install other software or run admin / sudo root commands. It's not like Apple doesn't know what all needs that, you'd think they could whip up an entitlement list pretty quickly. 

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We have some standard users in out company and we just deploy the erase-install script in self service