Manage Outlook login option

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I've been asked to manage Outlook so that when it is first opened, it only ask for a users exchange credentials and not have the screen to choose Exchange then enter domain etc. We will be connecting our computers to the parent company Zscaler and then users will be migrating to the new exchange email but my boss does not want to have users need to go to the settings screen. I'm not great at command line but I've tried to review the Offices for Mac Preferences Keys page as well as Talking Moose's setup script, but still am not certain how to make this work. Any help or direction is much appreciated. 


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Take a look under Configuration Profiles > Application & Custom Settings, there are most of the default Outlook options already available.


As with anything involving a LoB app, test prior to production deployment.

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Yes, been trying that but it only seems to be adding the domain. I'll keep tweaking though. 

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@jamfqintl The "Default domain name" setting in the com.micorosft.Outlook preference domain sets the preferences key DefaultEmailAddressOrDomain, so if you provide the user's full email address that will be pre-filled when the user gets the prompt to authenticate their account. If you've got connectivity between your Jamf Pro instance and use LDAP to look up users then you should be able to use $EMAIL as the value for that key, and Jamf Pro will use the email address from LDAP for the assigned user when it write the Configuration profile to their Mac.

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@jamfqintl Another option is Mr Bowden's Office sign-in script;

For me, a little time was invested to test against my environments but it works well.

End user will have their account populated and then presented with the 365 password prompt to complete.