Managed Distribution VPP vs Free Apps - iPads

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I am trying to understand some App distribution workflows. Is anyone doing the following or something else with VPP Managed Distribution combined with free Apps.

For VPP Managed Distribution:
1) VPP Invitation - connects users iTunes account to VPP account.
2) VPP Assignment - Pick Apps that were purchased with Managed Distribution VPP, assign Scope (users).

For free Apps go to Mobile Devices - Apps - Link the App with the devices.


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HI Alex

Yes, we've started doing exactly this.

Adding free apps to our VPP facilitator account, and then adding them to the Assignment is working a charm

We add both paid and free Apps through VPP Assignment -> Apps.


We've done a number of things with apps:

  • added free apps and pushed out to devices/groups accordingly via self service
  • added paid apps with an uploaded spreadsheet to distribute codes to the users via self service
  • also messed with the VPP invitations/assignments that you can do with an apple "token" for "managed licenses"

So far we've been able to do all this successfully. The managed licensing part with the VPP invitations/assignments we're still messing with and can push out the app, but not sure on revoking the app so it uninstalls from the user's iPad. I had to manually remove it.