Managed Preferences and user based 802.1X wireless connection

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I am doing some work at a client site and am having issues with managed preferences and the user based connection to the wireless with the 8021X wireless.

Basically any user based managed preference does not get applied due to the wireless network connection not connecting until the user has logged in to the computer.
Is there any workaround that anyone has come up with other than deploying "System" based 802.1X profiles to machines


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If you go to you can download then package and distribute your profiles to the machines, then use scripts to apply them as needed. Would this work?

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Assuming you're using LDAP credentials to log into the computer and the same LDAP credentials provide users with wireless access, you could use an 802.1x Login Window Profile. This will initiate a wireless connection right after the user enters his/her credentials at the login window, allowing MCX to apply during login. (See page 7 in this PDF:

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I am a late poster on this one, but a round about way of doing this is to trigger the mcx update command from the run line in a logout policy. Please don't laugh too hard..... I use this on my *ahem* 10.4 laptops using 802.1x profiles. The unfortunate part is the changes take place on the users' second login (changes apply after first logout)

I feel like I just opened the door to the room you cram things into when company comes over that you are hoping no one sees!! :P