Netboot Setup Help - Panic at boot (NFS server refused mount)

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Hey all:

I'm trying to set up a Netboot imaging solution. I have a 10.6.8 image hosted on a 10.6.8 sever. Netboot Service is running, as well as NFS and AFP for the NetBootSP0 and NetBootClients0 sharepoints. It is seen by startup manager on client machines, but I get a kernal panic when I boot to it. I get the globe and then the gear, and then PANIC. "NFS server refused mount" is the gist of the message.

I've searched around quite a bit. I think I may have a lead but don't quite know how to fix it.

When looking at the sharepoints in Server Admin I see the following for the two relevant sharepoints...


external image link


external image link

From what I've read, I have to set the NFS export to World, but the NetBootSP0 sharepoint doesn't offer a SharePoint tab (compare areas indicated with the red circle), so I'm unable to select Protocol Options and confirm the NFS and/or AFP settings. Should this tab be there? Why might it not be?

Any help is appreciated. I've been having quite the week looking into this.

Thanks so much in advance.



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I am having to really think back because we have been on Lion Mt. Lion for some time now and we use the NetBoot/SUS Appliance. I have never had to configure anything under AFP as well. Everything you have to configure if your using stock settings is just the NetBoot tab.

Also it wont turn on if you do not have a .nbi file listed from your System Image Utility.

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Well, a hard drive crash on the very server I was setting this up on forced me to build it back up, and now it works. So whatever was wrong is gone. Nice to have it working, wish it was a bit less dramatic.