Manual IPs are not preserved on reboot with OS X (El Capitan)

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We use Composer and the Mac Package installer to setup iMacs with El Capitan (10.11.3). Our installer uses a shell script to specify "manual" network settings, apply the router IP, and to query the user for and then apply the computer's IP. The script uses either the 'networksetup' and/or the 'ipconfig' command. Inspection of System Preferences after installer completion confirms that connection type is "manual", the computer IP and the router IP are correct, and that a connection has been achieved.

However, this configuration does not survive the first reboot: on restart of the system, the actual configuration slips to DHCP type, and the manual IP is lost. This happens whether or not the ethernet cable is plugged in.

Following the reboot, if a shellscript is re-run, setting "manual" and the IP settings originally set by the installer shellscript, the desired settings do survive restarts: the configuration type shows as "manual" and the IPs for the computer and the router are correct.

Can anyone suggest why this behavior occurs? We would much prefer not having to re-run the script a second time.


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What's the reason for such a complicated setup?

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Just some peculiar requirements for our equipment.