MCX priorities


Does anyone know if it is possible and/or which priority the MCX are applied?

I have a screensaver MCX that is scoped to a Smart Group called 10.8.x desktops. Screensaver is set to 1800.
This setting of 1800 works for 99% of our computers, however a 1% need the ScreenSaver set to 3800.

So for the 1% of computers they automatically are in the Smart Group of 10.8.x computers with the MCX setting of 1800. I want to be able to then create another MCX that has the screensaver setting to 3800 and apply it to certain individual computers.

Does anyone know if this is possible and/or how I can go about setting the priority?



I had a similar need in another environment where every Mac needed the same proxy server settings except for a few who used a different proxy server. I was using Managed Preferences to set all proxy settings.

I believe I accomplished this by creating two Managed Preferences, each with different settings. I added the Managed Preference for the general proxy server to a Managed Preference Profile and scoped it to all computers. I added the second Managed Preference to another Managed Preference Profile that was alphabetically lower and scoped it to the group with the computers that needed the exception.

It could have been that the alphabetical order of the Managed Preference names (not the Managed Preference Profile names) that made this work. I don't recall and I'm no longer at that company to verify.


I've tried mix and meshing mcx profiles for machines and the results I had with them were always very random. For example, I had our students machines and repair loaners in a large static list with some settings, and we tried to add some more/different settings scoped only to our repair loaners. Some loaners would get the loaner settings, others would get the general student population ones.. Ultimately we gave up on it, so if there is a solution aside from putting them in non-conflicting groups, we never ran across it.