Microsft Teams is consuming high CPU utiliztion

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Hello Team,

MS Teams is consuming high CPU utilization and mac is becoming very slow.

Second one is, some times audio is not working in Teams call any solution will be appreacied.

I can see MS is pushing new teams and it is causing issue, so please give me the solution for new Teams.


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If you're having issues with Teams you might want to bring those up with Microsoft.

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As @sdagley said, this is a post that should be directed to Microsoft, not Jamf.

Though, Teams is notoriously hard on lower end devices. I remember it barely running on the 2018 and early 2020 MacBook Airs. May be worth trying New Teams, as it specifically designed to use less resources. 

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I can't claim credit for it, and I don't recall where I first heard it, but there's a joke that "Microsoft finally found the Macintosh killer app they'd been hoping for, and it's Teams".

As @AJPinto mentions running a video session with "Classic Teams" on an x86 MacBook Air is not a pleasant experience, unless you like hearing cooling fans screaming in frustration that is.

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New Teams is first and foremost a performance improvement. Yes, running multiple video streams in the old app will bring an older computer's battery lifetime down to an hour. This is expected behavior.