Microsoft Teams Deployment

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Hello, I am about to try and build a package to deploy Teams to our staff with 0 touch by admins for permissions. Does anyone have any advice? I was hoping to find a walkthrough or tips but haven't yet. The application install is easy, but trying to figure out how to allow access to microphone, camera, accessibility, and full disk access is a different story.


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@rhowell You are not going to be able to pre-set access to the microphone or camera. By design that requires the user's explicit approval.

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Apple have purposefully removed the ability to whitelist that, the user has to explicitly allow it.

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Thanks for the response guys.

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@rhowell For your accessibility access question, this might be useful: Enabling Privacy Accessibility setting for MS Teams


Use this one for the install Via terminal or from JAMF Files and Processes->Exiquate and process

mkdir "/tmp/teams/";
cd "/tmp/teams/";

Download Teams.

curl -L -o /tmp/teams/Teams_osx.pkg "";

install Teams

sudo installer -pkg /private/tmp/teams/Teams_osx.pkg -target /;
sudo rm -rf "/tmp/teams";
exit 0

How do you get the CDN addresses for newer versions?  Update: I got it, thanks for the useful script. It's in the file info.