Microsoft Teams high CPU utilisation

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We are deploying Microsoft Teams to our estate but having feed back that its "Microsoft Teams Helper" task is running at very high CPU utilisation 100% for example.

We have whitelisted this in our Cylance Anti-Virus but has made no difference.

Has any one experienced this?


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I've seen that on occasion at my org, depending on the cause we've had to direct users to the web app version. I've experienced these causes of high CPU usage:

-Symantec DLP scanning file uploads
-A webhook connected to a specific channel causing high network usage
-Various bugs Microsoft had to patch

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This turned out to be OpenDNS's feature called IP-Layer Enforcement.

After disabling this feature Teams started functioning normally with no high CPU spikes.


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How did you disable that feature (IP-Layer Enforcement). I have the same issue.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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How did you disable that feature on the Mac?

thanks in advance

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I found this with a quick search online for the Mac desktop app Teams. I don't claim this as mine, just passing it along.

I found a possible solution that Microsoft actually has implemented in the desktop app Teams on MacOS: When the application is running and you are logged in, Click on your avatar in the upper right corner. Click on the menu item "Settings" Check the option "Disable GPU Hardware Acceleration" Restart Teams.

This could be a video encoding bug. With one of our faculty, the problem seems to chew through his battery (MacBook Pro 2019) even while the charger is plugged in, which I found rather fascinating. Update: After testing the setting change, the faculty member reported: "This time it only consumed 3% battery… usually it’s about 10%."