Migrate from mac OS Server to JAMF

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Hello all,

At the moment our organization is using about 100 mac OS Computers and they are connected via profile to the mac os server. (see Picture)


At the moment I am deleting the profile from the Apple-PC and using the enrollment link to connect the machine to our JAMF system.


As you can guess, it takes a lot of time to connect the machines to JAMF.

Is there a way to export the profiles from the old server and insert it in some way, so the migration can be done in the beackground?


I hope you can understand and maybe help me with my question.


Old Server:

2021-07-27 12_53_58-macOS Server.png2021-07-27 12_54_19-My Devices.png


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You can't fully automate migrating devices from one MDM to another, unless the devices are running a really old macOS version (before UAMDM was introduced).

When we do this, we run a script via a payload-free package to automate the removal of the old profiles and the enrolment into Jamf.  The enrolment into Jamf is either by launching the UIE interface, or triggering

sudo profiles renew -type enrollment

if the devices are in Apple Business Manager.