Migrating from Jamf environment to new Jamf environment

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I am going from a Jamf environment running 10.15.1 to a whole new environment running 10.17.1.
I am trying to transfer information easily from one to another. I have used the Jamf Migrator tool and it does not copy my Polices or my Profiles. Both of which I do not want to rebuild as it would take a lot of time. Currently I am export my policy tables and import them into my new Jamf database. Assuming this process does not work does anybody have any recommendations?
I am only wanting to copy the Polices and Profiles. Most of everything else I have rebuild and configured anew.
I am sure people will wonder why I am doing this. Just understand it is necessary and a longer explication than it is worth.
Thanks in advance!


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I'm following this thread because I am about to embark on a similar mission (moving to a Windows Server 2019 instance from 2012 R2). I'm currently in contact with Jamf Support regarding recommended workflows, but you might want to start with this KB article?

I was hoping to use the Jamf Migrator tool rather than a backup and restore of the MySQL DB mainly because we currently have an odd issue where users can't open Self Service when I populate the User & Location record in the web interface. Therefore I want to start with a clean slate; the tool has (mostly) worked for us in the past. Are you sure you have the latest version?

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@iVoidWarrantiez - What do the logs look like? Have you tried copying without the scope?

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You need to make sure all the pieces are in place on the new server--- make sure that whatever groups are scoped are present on the new server, and whatever packages.
(At least that was my experience with Jamf Migrator.. )

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@iVoidWarrantiez Keep in mind that the Jamf Migrator can require multiple runs to get everything moved. For example: if you have a Smart Computer Group that references other Smart Computer Groups, and one or more of those groups have a numerically higher index, which isn't uncommon if you make edits to a group over time, then the lower indexed group won't migrate until the higher indexed group has migrated. If you have Policies that depend on things like Smart/Static Computer Groups, or Scripts, or Packages then those have to exist on the new server before the Policies that reference them can be migrated

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I got it working, it was a scope issue and I did have to use multiple runs.