Mobile Device - User Assignment at PreStage Enrollment

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Afternoon All!

Is it possible to assign devices to multiple user's, whilst using a single pre-stage enrollment plan?

Or - is it the case that seperate prestage enrollment plans would need to be created with the user being manually changed on each?

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What's your end goal here? Jamf user assignment is one at a time. There's no concept of multiple users owning one device. Are you looking at a shared or cart model?

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Apoligies - i don't think I was very clear...

So we're looking to roll out several iPhones to different users. The prestage enrollment plan only allows you to specify one user.

So, would we need to create 10 prestage plans and then assign a unique device to each plan. Or can we have one prestage, assign all the devices in bulk, but then amend the user assignment?

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If you select " Require Credentials for Enrollment " in your Prestage, the user that enrolls the device will be assigned as the user in JSS.

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Do you have LDAP service? or you can use Preload Inventory feature for this