Multitasking & Dock setting

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I came across a new feature in iOS 11 yesterday enrolling a new Student iPad. It seems Apple added a new Settings option under the 'General' tab which is "Multitasking & Dock". in here you are able to allow / prevent the following:

-Allow Multiple Apps
-Persistent Video Overlay

and for the Dock
-Show Suggested and Recent Apps

Unfortunately I haven't found any payload in the latest Jamf Version to disable the Dock feature, as it expands the Dock with the last used Apps, nor the other ones. Does anyone else came across this, or better, has a solution to switch them off on student iPads??


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I too am looking for a way to manage these settings. We're specifically looking for a way to disable the show recent apps. We have various "teacher" apps hidden away in a folder at our elementary levels, which works fine, but if a teacher uses those apps, they're front and center for a student to see, which is just too much of a temptation.

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I suspect until Apple allow them to be managed there is probably no way JAMF can effectively manage them.


I need this option too.

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There is a Feature Request for this search "iOS 11 dock", please go and up vote if you haven't already.

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I mention this to my jamf Reps during our onboarding and they couldn't find a setting to control this feature (this was a couple of months ago). Then I brought it up to both my regional Apple Systems Engineer & Sale Rep and they were in disbelief that Configurator or jamf didn't have a way to modify this setting. Once I show them there wasn't a way to do this they promised they would look into it for me. I haven't heard anything back from them yet, but at least some people at jamf as well as Apple are aware of this oversight and hopefully they will address it soon. I will up voting this request.

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As long as Apple does not open the API to be modified there is no way for any MDM vendor to control this setting / behavior. Even in Apple‘s very own Profile Manager you’re not able to toggle this.

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Is this still unavailable?

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I believe this is still unavailable 😞  Sad, i like a clean home screen and dock