MUT Migration Tool

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We have a file of 4200 elementary iPads that we would like to be able to utilize MUT and migrate into our Jamf server (JAMF2)..... (slowly but surely of course) and enroll them with the building already set for correct app deployment as the apps are deployed by building. Does anyone have experience with this?


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To move iPads from one server to another and have full control of them requires a reenrollment as far as I know


Currently doing a similar migration. MUT requires that the device already exist in the new target Jamf instance. What may work best for your situation is inventory pre-load since everything is moving over slowly. In our case, devices are already deployed and in use so we will migrate them all and then utilize MUT to put them back in their respective static groups along with uploading computer inventory periodically for devices that are listed as missing a key extension attribute.
Migrations like this are a matter of planning and preparation to limit as much of the manual effort needed as possible.

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DEP Prestage can set the Department for scoped devices.