Netskope tenant automation

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Hey everyone, I recently got passed handling our Netskope deployment. My predecessor claims that with the v71 client, due to us using Azure AD for our IDP we cannot auto populate the tenant information. Basically once the install finishes we get a popup where we have to input our company name.

I know there has to be a way around it, anyone have any familiarity with it?


Also in the same boat

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Have you looked on the netskope website?  You have to get them to hook you up with an account.  They have the instructions to do this.  Also to get it to work right you will need to do an adlink on the backend of the netskope portal.  They failed to tell me that one.  and to make sure it works without blocking everything you need to whitelist the entire apple network.  You can ask Netskope for those settings.  Hope this helps and If I think of something else I'll update you.